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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

String Art Technique

Hello friends,
How are you all? I hope this post finds you all healthy, happy and well.
Don't you love when a technique that you have never heard of before comes out and is all the rage?
Well that happened to me with this technique. It's the String Art Technique. You take some twine or thread, saturate it in colour and make patterns by pulling on the string.
This heart one was pretty tricky, hence why i have no step by step pictures to share with you. This one was actually one of the practice ones we were doing.
To do this technique you put the cardstock your putting your image on into a book, saturate your string, lay it how you want on your cardstock, close the book, keep one hand on top of the book for pressure, and with the other, pull the string out fast, one big YANK!

For this heart one, we used 2 different strings, in 2 different colours, Lemon Lime Twist & Coastal Cabana, laying them into a heart as best we can. I have used Shimmery White Cardstock, but you can't see it in the pic, it gives extra wow to the card. I have also flicked my markers onto the cardstock, giving it that grunge feel.

 NOW here is where we needed an extra pair of hands.
To get the colour to run the right way, and  not just spread out of the sides of the heart, we needed to pull the strings cross ways, instead of straight down like you would for the tulip looking ones. So i had my hands on top of the book pressing very firmly while my partner yanked the strings out crossways. Get what i mean?
I love that it has the dripping effect at the bottom of the heart. It's very grungey, and i LOVE grunge. In fact, i think i'm still stuck in the 90's, the days of Pearl Jam, Flannelette shirts, nose piercings etc, lol.

I really hope you like this one.

Happy day to you all. Mel. Xx

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