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Hello crafty friends from around the world. I'm so glad you've visited, I hope you enjoy it here. My name is Melinda Whittington and I've been an Independent Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator since 2015. I'm 42 years old. I'm on the Central Coast NSW Australia. I began my crafting journey way back in 2004 as a scrap booker. I love to create with Stamps, Ink and Paper. It releases something wonderful from my heart and soul and into the world, hopefully inspiring others along the way.

How Did I Come Across Stampin' Up!®

I knew nothing about Stampin' Up!® in the beginning. I didn't know how to join, or that I could shop online through them. I kept seeing these ink pads that would sit upside down, and I knew that was a good thing having the ink sit at the top of your pad. Keeps your pad nice and wet and ready to stamp wonderful creations with. You'll get a laugh from this I'm sure, I went to my local brick and mortar craft store and asked them if they had the ink pads that sat upside down? Or, did they stock stamp sets with matching punches? To those questions I was met with one quite confused looking face. The lady had no idea what I meant. So off I went to our good friend Google. This my friends was the beginning of my SU journey. Once I looked into it, I instantly signed up with a lady who was a complete stranger, but I'm more than happy to say, is now part of my SU family and a lady I very much care for.

I want to express that I am not a paid employee of the company, I do this strictly as a hobby. I really believe that having a hobby is good for the soul, and if i'm not all inky fingered and crafting you'll find me with my second love, books and a cup of tea or coffee. I also love things like Musicals, Polish Food, Storms, and my Rabbit.

A Little Bit About My Life Outside Of Stampin' Up!®

This is my Rabbit Bebe. She is a huge part of my life. We rescued her from The RSPCA on Australia Day 2017. We were told she was brought back to the shelter twice in as many days. isn't that heart breaking?
I will admit, when we first brought her home I wasn't too sure because she would chase at my ankles and try to bite me. But like all good things, I sat it out with patience, I let her come to us at her own time. Now, after having her for almost 3 years, I must say, she is the best thing ever. I can't begin to describe how loving she is. It's almost too much at times. She gets very bossy for affection, but she also gives it back in spades. She has a wonderful personality and we're often laughing, or amazed at her.
In fact, my team name Crafty Bunnies is highly influenced by her
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I could waffle on and on about her, trust me. But I will leave it at that and show you some pictures.

Sometimes she thinks my slippers are my feet and lays on them or near them. Bless her little cotton tail.


I am also a mum to a boy of the human kind 😆 He's a really lovely young man. I don't often post about him because i like to respect his privacy and keep him off the social media unless he wants to be on it. I'm a cool mum! hahaha.

Until next time, Be Happy Be Kind Be Creative.

 All content is my sole responsibility as an independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and the use of and content of the classes, services, or products offered are not endorsed by Stampin’ Up! 

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