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Monday, 21 May 2018

Getting as much glue out of your Tombow bottle as possible.

Hello Everyone,

I hope this post finds you all well. Do you love using our Multipurpose Liquid Glue, more often than not referred to as Tombow? I know i do. In my early days of card making i was much more comfortable with a liquid glue than a tape. I have those few seconds of wiggle time when i use a liquid glue, just in case i don't get my layers adhered straight, and boy that has been a life saver many times. I'm sure there are a lot of you out there that have been there & totally understand, lol.
These days i have no trouble using my Fast Fuse, 😞 sad face because it is retiring, and here in Australia it is all sold out. I began a love affair with that and then it goes, just my luck. lol. But Tombow is still here, and i love my Tombow, so let's look at how i get every drop out of it that i can.

I always use the fine tip end of my Tombow when cardmaking.  I use it until it appears empty. Notice how i said, appears empty? Well don't throw it out yet. Once i get to the point i can't squeeze anymore out of the fine tip end, i remove the label from the bottle so i can tell it's not a full one anymore. That way, i know these bottles will be my ones i use until i really know they are empty. After i remove the label i keep them and use the bottom end of it. I will shake and squeeze as much glue out of that end as possible. And trust me, you will be quite surprised at how much more glue is hiding there! I was!

I remove the label so that i can keep track of what ones are what. No label, old ones who need their last squeezes. Labelled ones, i know are my ones to use the fine tip with.
So what do i do with them? Well i keep them for projects that have lot's of space to lay glue down. Like adhering sheets of DSP to make a note book like i have done here.
I run Fast Fuse along each side of my notebook, top, bottom, sides, spine, then i shake and squeeze over and over until i have enough tombow to adhere what i need, or until the bottle is dry and even after tonnes of shaking, nothing comes out. Then i am pretty comfortable with knowing i got as much usage out of the bottle as possible.

I then go on to cover my books in whatever designs i like. For ones like this one which i keep kept away, i dont add too much to it. But the choice is totally yours, you can use dimensionals, lot's of textures etc. I have many ones that have a ribbon closure on them, it just depends on what i want to use them for.
I really hope you find this little tip helpful. Make sure you shake and squeeze at both ends of your liquid glue until it is as dry as possible.

Happy day to you all. Mel.


  1. Wonderful tip. Good idea about covering notebooks. Thank you

    1. Hi Lisa, it's such a pleasure to share with everyone. I'm glad you stopped by and found this tip helpful. Happy day to you. Mel.