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Sunday, 16 April 2017

What i made for Swaps, Onstage Sydney 2017

Hello Hello, 

I'm baaaack, lol. Second post for today. I wanted to show you all what i made for my swaps at Onstage Sydney.
For those that know me, they know i'm a little *out of the box*, lol, and yes, i admit, i do like to travel in different directions at times, it enlightens the soul!

So instead of making a card front, i decided to go with sample Flash Cards. You know, the counting kind that helps kids to count, or read if you use alphabets. I chose numbers and went with the number 2. I used Jar of Love to make the images and Large Number Framelits for the back. I laminated them and gave my details along with the flash card recipe on another card, also laminated.

I love these cards, because they are laminated they will last so much longer, plus, lets face it, kids get grubby! So all you have to do to keep them clean is to wipe them over with a cloth. Happy days!!!
Obviously if you do them for kids you would use more *childish* images, i however wanted something more grown up and that is why i used Jar of Love. Plus, i like to spread messages of kindness around, hence why the purple one has the sentiment * spread kindness around like confetti*.

I sadly missed out on getting swaps but i was able to get mine around at the end of the day, and i believe they were well received. In fact, i came across 2 ladies who are teachers and they seemed to really appreciate my idea. THANK YOU LADIES!!

Here are my swaps, please enjoy. The recipe card was made with Beautiful You and Swirly Bird, i coloured the with the 2016-2018 in colours.

Happy Crafting and Blessings to you. Mel X 💜

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