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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Garden Girl Magic Slider Card

Hello Everyone,

So nice to have you stop by. As some of you know i lost my dad a month ago and it completely halted my creativity. I had so much trouble finding my mojo again. Good news is, i think i've found it again. I'm back to coming up with idea's, so yaaah to that!

I have wanted to make a magic slider card for a very long time but didn't feel like i had the right stamp to make it with so i shelved that idea for a long time. That was, until our awesome Stampin' Blends came out. Our Garden Girl stamp set is perfect for colouring and the little girl was exactly what i was looking for. Everything fell into place, dont' you love when that happens?

So i sat and fussed over this card for about 2 weeks. Yes, yes i am one of those fuss pot people, haha.
I didn't want the front to be over done as i wanted the magic of the slider part to really be the focal point. I hope i have achieved a simple yet pretty, and not plain card front.
What do you guys think?
This is my very first one i ever made, it is my prototype. I look forward to making more as they are fun, and the effect is oh so magical!!

I am thinking of making a YouTube tutorial for it, but i know it will be a good 40 minutes or so and i dont know how viewers feel about that. So atm i am unsure.

I do hope you enjoyed this card.

Hugs, Mel Xo

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